Nita Strauss Rock Guitar Fundamentals

Nita Strauss: Rock Guitar Fundamentals Course

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Rock Guitar Fundamentals is an online teaching program developed by guitarist Nita Strauss with a simple goal- getting guitars in as many people’s hands as possible, and helping improve their playing. Nita developed a 3 module system where aspiring learners can jump in wherever their skill level is, from picking up the guitar for the very first time to advanced players who want to brush up on music theory or learn some “shred” tips and tricks.

Module One is designed for the brand new player and goes over the anatomy of the guitar and all the basics like how to hold the pick correctly, fret the notes, tuning and more.
Module Two is highly focused on technique and theory, approached from a rock player’s perspective to be very easily understandable for the modern musician.
Module Three is where you start to find the "bells and whistles” of sweep picking, legato, whammy bar tricks, and more.